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Sunday, May 8th – Group Lesson: “FunMasterMike’s K-6 Nationals Training Camp (open to everyone!)” at 11am Eastern time/8am Pacific/4pm UK/5pm CET

Has your child been listening to FunMasterMike for years on ChessKid but always wanted to get personalized instruction from him? Well now you can!

FunMasterMike Mini-Camps and Group Lessons are held online in a small group format.


  • The Sunday, May 8th Group Lesson will be “FunMasterMike’s K-6 Nationals Training Camp” but is open to all ChessKids. Participants do not need to be playing in this upcoming tournament to attend (the lesson content will be helpful for many events!).
  • Mike will give tournament tips, advice, and provide antidotes to opening traps that he knows kids learn specifically as surprise weapons at Nationals.
  • This lesson will last about 1.5 hours. This event is open to players of all ages and all levels.
  • Cost of the group lesson is $50 USD, payable by PayPal.

To register, use this online registration form.

Once your spot is confirmed, you will be emailed a payment link and private meeting link code.


Structure for Group Lessons:

  • Group lessons focus on one theme, with many positions presented around that theme. Past themes have included: “How Karpov Wins”; “Magnus Carlsen’s World Championship Wins”; “Bobby Fischer’s 20-Game Winning Streak”; “Mikhail Tal’s Craziest Sacrifices”
  • Class size is larger than mini-camps, but still limited.
  • Generally, unless otherwise stated, there’s no minimum or maximum rating for students.
  • The lesson will be recorded and the full video sent to all kids for later replay.
  • The cost of group lessons is $50 USD per student, payable by Paypal.

Structure for Mini-Camps:

  • 6-10 kids will be allowed to register for each camp and will play a 3-round tournament on at a time control of G/15, using normal Swiss pairings. Efforts will be made to group kids into the right mini-camp according to ability.
  • After each round, FunMasterMike will review all games with all players using a private Zoom meeting. The mini-camp will alternate between game play and review of games. There will also be some puzzles and mini-lessons mixed in.
  • A sample timeline of a camp is: Welcome and greetings, round 1 games, review of the 4 games of round 1, then round 2, review of the 4 games of round 2, a short break, round 3, and a review of the 4 games of round 3 and declaring a winner.
  • Students will use their normal ChessKid account for the games, and pairings will be done by their Fast Chess rating. This is a training tournament/mini-camp, and so to take pressure off of the kids, there are no formal prizes.
  • The camp will be recorded and the full video sent to all kids for later replay.
  • The cost of mini-camps is $175 USD per student, payable by Paypal.

Spring Break Mini-Camp:

  • Instruction for the 2-day Spring Break mini-camp will be a different format & will include special guest instructors.
  • All levels welcome. Campers will be divided into groups based on rating.
  • Cost of this 2-day mini-camp is $300 USD per student (includes both days), payable by Paypal.

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