Mini-Camps & Upcoming Events


**Sunday, January 17th – FunMasterMike Mini-Camp for players with ChessKid Fast Chess ratings of 1200-1600

Has your child been listening to FunMasterMike for years on ChessKid but always wanted to get personalized instruction from him? Well now you can!

FunMasterMike Mini-Camps are held in a small group format of only 6-10 kids. The camp is the combination of a fun tournament and instruction. Camps are all online and will last about 4.5 hours.

  • Sunday, January 17th – FunMasterMike Mini-Camp at 11am Eastern time/8am Pacific/4pm UK (This event is open to players with ChessKid Fast Chess ratings between 1200-1600.) Space is limited!

To register, use this online registration form.

Once your spot is confirmed, you will be emailed a payment link and private meeting link code.


Mini-Camp structure:

  • 6-10 kids will be allowed to register for each camp and will play a 3-round tournament on at a time control of G/15, using normal Swiss pairings. Efforts will be made to group kids into the right mini-camp according to ability.
  • After each round, FunMasterMike will review all games with all players using a private Zoom meeting. The mini-camp will alternate between game play and review of games. There will also be some puzzles and mini-lessons mixed in.
  • A sample timeline of a camp is: Welcome and greetings, round 1 games, review of the 4 games of round 1, then round 2, review of the 4 games of round 2, a short break, round 3, and a review of the 4 games of round 3 and declaring a winner.
  • Students will use their normal ChessKid account for the games, and pairings will be done by their Fast Chess rating. This is a training tournament/mini-camp, and so to take pressure off of the kids, there are no formal prizes.
  • The camp will be recorded and the full video sent to all kids for later replay.
  • The cost of the mini-camp is $175 USD per student, payable by Paypal.

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