Below is a selection of FunMasterMike’s games, mostly from his childhood, and lessons that can be learned from them.



  1. Winning by invading the back-rank.
  2. How to give the best chance to save a lost game.
  3. How to crush your opponent’s castled king.
  4. Playing your chess rival and winning by using an opening trap.
  5. How to break down an endgame fortress.
  6. Sometimes you just need to put yourself in a situation to get lucky.
  7. It really pays to know your endings.
  8. Beating your first really high-rated player.
  9. Oops! Losing a winning game.
  10. Winning by deep calculation.
  11. Holding on and successfully defending against a fierce attack.
  12. Winning by clever creation of many passed pawns.
  13. Launching a crazy all-in attack against the king.
  14. My two games vs. kid sensation Tani. Game one and game two.
  15. My most fun game of all time.
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